DDT 2013 – Movies

77.777 dominoes - 5 builders - 03-08-2013 - Arnhem

This year’s theme says enough, Movies! Each member of DDT had chosen their own favourite film and then copied the most characteristic aspects of it in domino. The films were James Bond, The Matrix, Harry Potter, Toy Story, Avatar and Lord of the Rings.

To make it even more exciting whether a new record would be achieved, we have added a so-called “Builders Challenge”. One of the builders is given the task of placing the last stones in a short time while the stones fall over. Fortunately Jaap managed that, so that the end field of no less than 7,000 stones could fall smoothly.

Unfortunately we did not reach a new record this year, because the project stopped in several places. The line had to be pushed from a new point. From that point there were not enough stones set to break the 2012 record. Since then we have started working with “timelines”. These domino lines run on the side of every project. If the project comes to a halt, then there is always the timeline that ensures that the next project will be started.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXGH_lPzUJs

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