Builder declaration Dutch Domino Team

By participating in the selection procedure ‘Bouwersdagen’ of the Dutch Domino Team, I declare that I agree with the following:


  • In my behavior and (online) communications I do not cause damage to the association Dutch Domino Team or the name ‘Dutch Domino Team’. Not during my period as a builder, but also not when my participation has ended.
  • During the time that I work with the Dutch Domino Team, I will not share or publish any (video)material or information concerning DDT or the projects that are worked with others without obtaining permission from the board of Association Dutch Domino Team.


  • I do not pay membership fees, but I will pay for costs incurred for events in which I participate. These costs are communicated to me before the event takes place.
  • Payments made in advance cannot be recovered, as long as the board of DDT gives permission for this.
  • The Dutch Domino Team is not liable for the damage that I personally cause and they will recover costs on my account.


  • I do not have the right to vote during meetings. This concerns both association-related matters and event-related matters. However, my opinion is taken into account during a meeting (if I am invited), but my vote does not contribute to the decision-making process.


  • I am free at all times to terminate the cooperation with DDT. The board of the Dutch Domino Team can cancel the cooperation with me as a builder for misconduct or any other legitimate reason.
  • If I break one of the above rules, the cooperation with DDT will immediately be terminated, with the above points remaining in effect.