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During a workshop, participants get to work under supervision of the DDT-professionals. Besides the basic techniques, they learn building styles which are usually fit for advanced dominobuilders.

We give workshops in multiple categories, such as teambuilding, company trips, schools, unions and themed projects.

A workshop can be given on a location of your preference. The surface of your location will be the guideline for the amount of participants. We do organise international workshops too.


In the preparatory phase of the project, the possibilities and costumers vision will be discussed. This way, we can give a clear image of the final product, the time that is needed and the costs it will take.

Get in contact with our creative team without any obligation. In our portfolio you can see what other projects we have taken part in.

In November of 2015, we helped organize a world record attempt bookdomino in Arnhem (The Netherlands). We supervised a team of 20 voluntary builders.

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Customized work

If you can't seem to fabricate a specific assignment, we could always deliver customized work.

To make the project successfull, we will consult intensively to make the vision clear and offer the different possibilities. We will make sure we take enough material to make adjustments or additions to the existing plan.

You can meet the creative team on the 'about us' page.

Have you got inspiration?

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