DDT Easter Meeting 2016

25.000 dominoes - 7 builders - 27-03-2016 - Geldrop

For the 2016 Easter meeting, we chose to build a large field in a colorful design. We had been wanting to build this field for quite some time, but at the Easter meeting we finally had the opportunity to do it.

To make the sunset as beautiful as possible, dozens of colors were used. From some colors even just a few stones. That is also the reason that almost every builder had to take a number of stones of a specific shade from home. These made the field a unique and detailed whole picture.

Because we had a lot of time left after this field, we used the rest of the day to film other material for the YouTube video. One of those things was the “challenges”, where we all had to build a line as quickly as possible. The one who was the first to successfully knock it over was the winner!

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uNb3CZd7oY

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