DDT Easter Meeting 2015

25.000 dominoes - 6 builders - 03-04-2015 - Someren

Because we thought it was a shame that we only had 1 event per year, we devised the “Easter meeting”. This meeting is mainly about fun, but it also ensures that we can train more often as a team.

We decided to rent a space to build a large field with the text “Dutch Domino Team”. At first we wanted to use this field as an intro to our YouTube videos, but afterwards we thought the field was too small. Nevertheless, we were very proud of this project, because it was the first field to exceed our “magic limit” of 10,000 dominoes.

On the second day, we built a large project in the attic of one of our team members’ house. For the most part this consisted of “free building”, although we tried to remain partially in the “Easter” theme. This resulted in a successful project and therefore a successful first Easter meeting.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJT0b7iWs5A

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