DDT 2019 – Road to Fame: Emma’s Story

350.000 dominoes - 13 builders - 24-08-2019 - Veenendaal

Our 2019 event was in the light of our greatest growth to date. In comparison to 2018, we set up 130,000 more dominoes! This made DDT 2019 the largest domino event of 2019 worldwide.

The biggest challenge was mainly in an original theme. To ensure that we were innovative, we wrote our own story and portrayed it in dominoes. This story was about the rise of a fictional character named Emma Smith. The domino projects show how she grows from a street artist into a world star! The emphasis is on all possible ups and downs that a singer may encounter.

Of the 350,000 dominoes set up, no fewer than 343,000 fell, exceeding our existing record of 2018 by far!

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5fqgU9Ac-Q

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