DDT 2016 – The Beauty of Art

127.300 dominoes - 8 builders - 20-08-2016 - Arnhem

In 2016 the theme of our event was ‘The Beauty of Art’! Because you can make the most beautiful creations with domino, we put ourselves to the test to depict different types of art.

We tried to include as many different forms of art as possible in this project. From modern to classical, from stained glass to music, and from simple to artistic. The best part was to portray all of these styles in a spectacular way. That is why we have built almost no “simple” fields, but we had walls, color-changing fields, dotted techniques, curtain techniques and high-level decor projects.

Of the more than 127,000 domino stones, almost 20,000 (15%) remained standing. This is why we have learned a lot from this year for our upcoming events.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2rUOBuIOjI

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