DDT 2014 – 4 Seasons

90.000 dominoes - 7 builders - 26-07-2014 - Arnhem

For DDT 2014, the hall was divided into 4 quadrants, each representing one season. Every season had its own specific characteristics and colors. The event contained a wide variety of components.

We could also call DDT 2014 the year of the decor pieces. We not only built a 2 meter high “autumn tree” with a curtain technique, but also a “3D apple tree” that took more than 100 hours of construction work! In addition, dozens of special techniques were used, both with decor pieces and with dominoes.

The only major drama of 2014 was the final. This consisted of a fireworks technique, a wall and a fall wall. Unfortunately, not one of them fell completely. This was a shame, but it taught us a lot about certain techniques and the final projects of future years.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlCkrDc-tA8

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