DDT 2019 Trailer – Road to fame

100.000 dominoes - 9 builders - 09-12-2018 - Deurne

Traditionally, we announced the theme for our event on the first of January by the means of a trailer. With this video, we had more requirements, other than that it just had to be a really cool video. We saw that project as the ultimate chance to realize one of our dreams: building a field with no less than 100,000 dominoes.

Not only is this domino field incredibly huge, we surpassed ourselves in several aspects. Consider, for example, the detailed design, the dozens of colours and the fact that we built this field in just two days!

The fans who saw the trailer on the first of January, would still have to wait until DDT 2019 to find out the exact projects that we’ve thought out. That being said, the trailer already has a strong connection with the event.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2pVHwDD3no

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